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October 19, 2016 in Cebadas, Ecuador with the Quechua

The Man in the green sweater is simply known as Maestro, the man with the dream and vision to build the church at Cebadas. Clemenciza in the red cap and and hat is a Pastor’s wife serving in many communities in the area. I fell in love with her. You should hear her  pray! Lunch is cooked outside and they love “breaking bread together.” A view of where they worshiped just 3 months ago. A group photo of those that came to hear the Word that day. 

Wednesday morning, October 19, we got up early to enjoy a wonderful breakfast of eggs and fresh fruits. I have to say fresh squeezed blackberry juice could become an addition. After devotions and prayer we headed two and half hours into the Andes mountains to the church in Cebadas to worship with the Quechua Indians, the indigenous people of Ecuador.

I love their colorful dress, their friendliness and their sweet, kind spirits. Everyone greeting us with handshakes and hugs made us feel so welcome.

They had been meeting just three months ago under some plastic stretched over a few poles and some very rough planks cut from trees that were a little on the bumpy side. They worked so hard to build this lovely church where they now worship. They worked harder the day before we arrived to build a pulpit for Pastor Aaron Otten, associate Pastor of Prospect Baptist Church in Albemarle, NC, to preach the first sermon on this day. The decorations were completed with balloons and the dirt floors freshly swept. It was very special.

The Quechua women sang and danced which made Psalms 149:3 come alive. I learned what true worship is that day.

Afterwards there was a little girl that wanted to sit on my lap. She started rubbing my hands. She would stop, look at them and rub again. I’m not sure if she was trying to rub the white off or rub the brown on so they would match hers. She was so sweet. I gave her one of the bracelets I was wearing. It was such a small gesture but it sure made her smile.

I have to go back as I left part of my heart there so you see, I have to go visit my heart.

~ Laurie