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A Cross the World


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Making Meaningful Travel Possible

For over 20 years, Shuping Travel has helped plan purposeful travel experiences, faith-based journeys, and impactful mission trips for people who want to see the world while also making a difference. We’ll help you visit awe-inspiring destinations that feature incredible educational experiences and captivating spiritual journeys. Whether you travel solo or with a group, we guarantee you’ll strengthen the bonds of community and family. Shuping Travel cares deeply about the trips we plan and the clients who take them. We pride ourselves on getting to know you and what you’re looking for when you travel. With our expertise and passion, there’s no doubt you’ll feel taken care of. We know what it takes to get all the details right and we’ll make sure you have a life-changing experience when you travel with us! 


Open Your Heart to the World & Start Planning Today!

Specialty Travel Services 

Faith-Based Travel

We love to connect churches, humanitarian organizations, ladies Bible studies, and related groups to special spiritual journeys at religious destinations and events around the globe.

Mission Trips

It’s always a pleasure helping to make volunteer experiences possible and with our help we’ll effectively plan your individual or group travel so you can focus on your mission, see the world from a new view, and change lives. Plus, we’ll always have someone on the ground there with you to ensure everything goes smoothly.


See the beauty of the world from the waterways! We offer ocean cruises that take you country to county and river cruises that sail you through the heart of iconic destinations. It would be a pleasure to connect you to magical journeys across the seas and along scenic passageways in dazzling destinations. 

Educational Travel

Our specialized services can take you on enlightening adventures that fully immerse you in a new cultures and destinations through learning and educational activities.You’ll find in-depth insight to history, heritage, and more to round out your travel experience.

Destination Trips

No matter where or how you want to travel, we’ll curate trips with inspiring itineraries and personalized planning. Western Africa, South America, and Mediterranean countries are just some of the regions we’re experts on—and we cater to groups of all kinds!



Confused About Travel Insurance? 

We can help! Travel insurance is crucial to making sure your trip is secure and protected. Flights, luggage, accommodations, and medical care are all things that can be covered, and we have some great tips on how you can make the most of your insurance and get the best deal. It doesn’t hurt to be careful, especially with the trip of a lifetime! Simply enter your email below for your free guide to “What You Should Know About Travel Insurance.”  

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Shuping Sunflowers

Laurie and Rusty love to give back as much as they can. They’ve dedicated much of their lives to helping others and deeply appreciate when others can donate to their cause. When you stop by their sunflower field, if you have it in your heart, the Shupings would be grateful for any contributions you can make. 

Inspiring Itineraries

Let your imagination lead the way as you explore a few of my favorite quick trip ideas.

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A Cross the World

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