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Meet Laurie, Your Travel Expert.

Who Am I?

I am a “country girl” at heart with a passion for helping you visit the country of your passions. Whether it is to help the poor, share the Gospel, visit Grandma, spend time with family and friends, live the first day of your married life together (known as a honeymoon) or search your roots, Shuping Travel desires to keep your travel dreams, not only alive but to make them a reality. 

I also have a passion for working with groups, whether  a school, business, family reunion, church, non-profit  or women’s retreat.  I can share with you the strategy of group travel as a fundraiser for your business or non-profit organization. Traveling together is a great way to build lasting relationships among family, friends, co-workers or your congregation. I look forward to sharing more about this concept with you. What better way to do business than from the balcony of your ship!

Travel is a privilege and freedom we enjoy. It opens our eyes to other people, other lands, and the great blessings we experience in our everyday lives right at home.

Why a New Generation of Travel Specialists?

With so much being digitized, don’t assume the Travel Specialist has become passé. You need an expert working for you that will give the attention needed to bring your extensive travel plans together. When necessary your specialist will work with the airlines in the event unforeseen schedule changes or other deviations occur. It is always best to have a live person you can contact by phone and e-mail rather than to be tied to an impersonal website. When a true travel specialist’s client has a challenge, the expert understands the importance of quick reaction and good communication. 

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