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Personalized Planning for Purpose-Driven Travel

Our passion is making meaningful journeys to spectacular destinations possible for all. From customized faith-based explorations to mission and volunteer trips, Shuping Travel strives to plan incredible experiences for those seeking purposeful travel. We specialize in curating spiritual journeys to religious destinations and events and have a plethora of experience in organizing trips for those volunteering in developing countries. 


 We also offer travel planning services for educational trips, cruises, and vacations to any destination you desire. Whether you want to travel as an individual or with a group, we can help you create customized experiences that cater to your interests. We’ve coordinated unique trips for church organizations, bible groups, volunteers, families, and all types of clients.


Shuping Travel loves helping clients discover travel experiences that strengthen bonds with loved ones, provide opportunities to give back, and truly immerse them in a new culture.

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Connect with us Today to Find Your Journey!

Our Services


  • Church Organizations 

  • Bible Study Groups 

  • Volunteer Clubs 

  • Family & Friends 

  • & More!

Faith-Based Travel & Mission Trips

  • Holy Lands

  • Religious Events 

  • Spiritual Journeys

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • Volunteer Opportunities ​

Educational Trips

  • Cultural Immersion 

  • Historical Tours 

  • Heritage-Focused Trips 


  • River Cruises 

  • Island Hopping 

  • Premier Ocean Cruises

Destination Trips

  • Custom Trips Anywhere in the World

  • Specializing in: 

    • Western Africa 

    • South America 

    • Mediterranean 

    • Israel 

Our Process

Connect & Consult 

The first part of our process is to connect with you and start discussing your ideas for your ideal travel experience. The goal of this free consultation is to start nailing down all the details, an itinerary, accommodations, and any customization needed. 

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Image by Renáta-Adrienn

Organize & Plan 

The next step is putting everything into action! We’ll get flights and accommodations booked, liaise with in-destination partners, and ensure all the details of your itinerary are prepared for you. We’ll be sure to communicate with you as needed throughout this process. 

Travel & Enjoy

Once we’ve customized your trip and ensured each detail is perfect, all that’s left to do is enjoy your trip! We’ll be here to answer any questions you have and our in-destination partners will also be available to help. 

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