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About Laurie

It all started in 2000 when my husband, Rusty, called to check on a missionary airfare from Charlotte to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in Western Africa. Rusty took training with Living Water in Sugarland, TX to learn about providing safe water for people in developing countries. During this training he learned about drilling wells and pump repair—and now he was ready for his first adventure working with a missionary living in Ouagadougou. After researching, I was able to book him on Delta and Air France with a missionary fare that would allow him additional luggage, which he desperately needed for pump parts. Soon a phone call came from the organization he was traveling with and they wanted to know how I obtained that price for him. 

Fast forward to 2019 and I am still working with that organization to assist in travel planning for their staff and volunteers. They’ve given my name to numerous churches and organizations, which led to me assisting pastors, lay members, staff, and a multitude of volunteers from coast to coast that travel around the world providing humanitarian aid in order to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 2012, I was asked to join the Board of One Heart Global Ministries (OHGM) as a travel advisor to assist teams of volunteers going to Ecuador to minister. After having been to Quito four years straight from 2005 to 2008, I was thrilled to be included. I thought I might never get to return. This year, 2019, will be my ninth visit. OHGM is located in Riobamba and we minister to the unreached villages in the highlands surrounding the city. We  have an amazing opportunity to work with Quechua Indians, the indigenous people of Ecuador.  I could talk for hours about that!

This is the journey that led me to become a faith-based travel advisor. In December 2018, my daughter and I were blessed to visit the Holy Lands for a week with other travel advisors, and in March 2019 I led a small group of 18 for nine days in Israel. I’ve been blessed to travel to some inspiring destinations, but Israel surpasses them all.

Traveling in groups forms a bound that you cannot experience any other way. I have a bond now with folks from my church that went with me to Israel that I do not have with anyone else. It also fueled my desire to make that happen for others, whether it’s a church organization, club, family, or group of friends that love the experience of seeing the world together. The world truly is a book that I can help you see one page at a time! What’s your next page?

I love working with small groups as they are more intimate, but also get excited when I can help an individual or small team get to their mission field. It is called “missions” for a reason. You are on a mission!  I’ve experienced it all myself so I truly “get it.”  I’ll be here when you need me.  I have a voice, not just a number.

Shuping Travel truly cares and wants to help you plan meaningful travel experiences.

I hope to work with you soon! 

Laurie Shuping

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