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Get All Your Questions Answered

  • Why do I need a travel Advisor?
    When you Contact me at Across the World with Shuping Travel you become MY client, not a NUMBER. I want to know what you expect from your travel journey so that we can together plan a Great Adventure not just a good vacation. Customer service is the number 1 reason. If a situation beyond your control occurs you want the ability to call someone who cares.
  • Do you charge a service fee?
    I do charge a flat fee for airline tickets and a planning fee for customized trips. It is not a one size fits all. After our initial contact and I have details about the experience you are desiring I can then advise of my fees.
  • How long have you been a travel advisor?
    Since 1980. I worked in brick and mortar agencies (store front) for 21 years and have been home based since 2001.
  • Will I need a passport?
    If you are planning for an international destination you most definitely will. I suggest you get one regardless. What if we find destination you never considered and you want to go as soon as possible? You need to be prepared.
  • I only want to cruise to Caribbean. Do I still need a passport?
    You can sail to some destinations in the Caribbean with a certified copy of your and a government issued ID. I advise against that as in the event of an emergency, TSA will not allow you to fly back into the United States. I had a client whose mother passed away while on a cruise to the Bahamas and she could not return by air. She had to stay on the cruise to return home. She had been advised but chose not to get a passport.
  • How long are passports valid?
    Currently 10 years for adults and 5 years for children. Passports must also be valid at least 6 months past your return travel date. Also many countries require a minimum of 2 blank pages to enter the country.
  • Why do I need insurance when I travel?
    Most clients do not have a global insurance that will cover then medically once they leave US soil. More and more countries are requiring that you have proof of coverage when entering the country. Insurance also protects your investment if an emergency such as illness would force you to cancel.
  • I have Medicare. I don’t need additional insurance do I?
    Yes, Medicare is not valid outside the United States.
  • Should I save money and get a passport card?
    A resounding NO. Passport cards are good for cruising only and you still call fly back into the United States with the card only.
  • Will I need foreign currency?
    We will discuss this later in our planning process. Some countries like Ecuador and Israel use US dollars. Others like France and Italy use Euros. Your bank will be able to assist you with money exchange.
  • Is my contact, personal and financial information secure with you?"
    Yes, please review the terms and conditions for more details.
  • Can you provide references for me to contact?
    Absolutely, as many as you need to feel you can trust A Cross the World with Shuping Travel.
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